Safeguarding the emotional health of children since 1924.

ChildSavers is the only nonprofit in Virginia using a coordinated prevention and intervention model to prepare children for lifelong learning, address mental health, and recover from trauma.

Why We Need Your Help

ChildSavers provides children's mental health services in Richmond, VA

On average, only 20% of children receive the mental health care they need (Source: CDC)

Trauma can change our biology, genetics, behavior, and ultimately a myriad of lifetime health outcomes. Connecting children to the trauma-informed therapy they need can help them hone resilience and continue down the path of becoming happy, healthy adults.
ChildSavers offers six Child Development Services as child care resources and training for child care professionals in Virginia

Nearly 50% of children and families in Virginia live in a child care desert (Source: VDH)

Because Virginia’s early child care and preschools  are neither monitored nor measured consistently, about 40% of our children do not enter K – 12 with the knowledge or skills needed to thrive. You can help thousands of our youngest citizens properly prepare for lifelong learning.

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