Trauma and Resilience Training

ChildSavers offers a multitude of trauma training opportunities for organizations, businesses, and community leaders. Our Director of Mental Health and Lead Trauma and Resilience Educator, John Richardson-Lauve, LCSW, is available to train in Richmond or around the US.

The Impact of Trauma and Resilience Training

Since the start of our training efforts in trauma-informed care in 2015, over 25,000 people have participated in our workshops and training events, and we have trained over 450 trainers in the curriculum.

We offer workshops on the basics of trauma-informed care and resiliency-based practices (our Surviving and Thriving: Trauma and Resilience Basics) and a train-the-trainer curriculum to empower individuals and organizations to educate others. We also offer workshops and trainings specific to topics like self-care, regulation, and behavior management for educators, clinicians, social services, healthcare workers, and others. Please reach out if you would like more information. All of our currently scheduled public trainings can be reached via the link below. 

Feedback from previous training participants:

“I was impressed with how comfortable it was – Delivery by someone who wasn’t reading material but knew content and could address questions and not get lost in presentation. As a future trainer of this material, I learned a lot about how to respond to various types of audience members who might have significant trauma histories and respect and value them and their stories, as well as other members of the audience and their learning opportunity.”

“There was no stone left unturned. The instructor is very knowledgeable, and he keeps the information plain to understand. I enjoyed this learning experience.”

“I appreciated the content, the instructor’s practical and real-world connections to the material, and his presentation style. He is very skilled at facilitation. His interpersonal skills are so professional and yet inviting and warm.”

“It was obvious to me that the instructor is passionate about teaching others about Trauma. He has a great way of simplifying complex material. He is very knowledgeable of this subject, has to ability to teach/train others, and his style of teaching/training made it easy for me to learn.”

Why do we need Trauma-Informed Training?

One out of four children in the United States will experience some sort of trauma by the age of four. Trauma creates changes to our biology, our genetics and epigenetics, our behavior, and ultimately a myriad of lifetime health outcomes. Looking through a trauma-informed lens allows us to have effective interventions to help individuals reach their full potential.

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