Ms. B’s Story

With 45 years of child care experience, Ms. B.* runs a family day home in Petersburg, VA. In addition to watching the granddaughter of a former student, she cares for eight other children Monday through Friday.

Ms. B. was first informed of ChildSavers and our trauma-informed Child Development Services eight years ago. She needed guidance caring for infants and toddlers who had experienced trauma.

This March, Ms. B. braced for impact as the COVID-19 pandemic began. As an elderly woman caring for nine young children in her own home, she remained hopeful to stay open. Four children’s parents lost their jobs during the pandemic, leaving them unable to pay for child care. Regardless, she was able to sustain her business with the help of ChildSavers.

With virtual training, resources like gloves, cleaning supplies, and masks, and continued assistance through Virginia Quality and the Child and Adult Care Food Program, Ms. B. never stopped teaching and caring for her students. Every day she explained the importance of social distancing with her little ones and parents. She also adopted new sanitation and safety practices from ChildSavers’ online training.

Thanks to your support, Ms. B. has sustained her business throughout the pandemic and is slowly welcoming new kids into her home. When you give to ChildSavers, you’re supporting hundreds of child care professionals across the Commonwealth who are helping our youngest ones prepare cognitively, emotionally, and physically for Kindergarten and lifelong learning.

*Name and details have been altered to protect the identity of this client.


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