Jason’s Story

12-year-old Jason* was referred to the ChildSavers therapist based at Thomas C. Boushall Middle School after recent encounters with his father that led to an increase in behaviors such as defiance, inability to regulate anger, stress, and several suspensions from school. Previously, Jason was a strong student and was even enrolled in the college readiness program, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination).

However, his recent behaviors led to several suspensions, decreases in his academic performance, and contentious conflict between the family and school. During individual and family sessions, Jason and his mother reported themes of mistrust and significant increases in stress.  

With an on-site, full-time therapist, ChildSavers supported Jason in identifying his sources of anger and creating healthy ways to c

ope with both anger and stress. In partnership with his therapist, Jason has implemented strategies and behaviors to increase his academic performance, despite recent adversities. This success is evidenced by his teachers reporting an improvement in his grades since he has been enrolled in ChildSavers’ school-based services.

Additionally, Jason’s therapist has been able to serve as a bridge between the family and the school in identifying a need to rebuild a level of trust that best supports the client’s needs. ChildSavers staff are now in the process of collaboratively identifying strategies that may best support that goal, and Jason’s siblings have also now begun to receive treatment from ChildSavers.  

To learn more about our School-Based Services, and how to submit a referral, visit our SBS homepage.

*Name was changed to protect client’s identity


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