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Shaun’s Story

14-year-old Shaun was referred to ChildSavers initially through our School-Based Services program and eventually transitioned to being seen at our Outpatient clinic. Shaun was struggling with low self-esteem, negative self-image, and feelings of grief related to the death of his grandfather. As a result, he had difficulty expressing and sharing his emotions. When he started […]

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Caregiver Services

Why is parent or caregiver therapy important for children in their own healing process? Caregivers are continually managing multiple life stressors: child care, housing, finances, interpersonal conflict, domestic or community violence, even a family history of abuse or neglect, health, or problems at work. Any or all of these challenges may reduce a parent’s capacity

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ChildSavers client smiling to classmates on Zoom during their virtual group therapy session.

Jonathan’s Journey: Virtual Group Therapy

Rising sixth grader, Jonathan*, waited eagerly for his first virtual group therapy session to start. He glanced at the calendar on his grandma’s wall and sighed as he read June 2020. This school year was hard. He missed his friends and mourned the unsung, epic ending of his elementary school years.   His eyes darted back to the screen and his heart rushed as he entered the Zoom session. Multiple friendly faces appeared, including two ChildSavers therapists. Everyone waved and the kids giggled. Jonathan was happy

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Charlotte’s Story

Eight-year-old Charlotte* was referred to ChildSavers after a classmate touched her inappropriately. After learning she had also been abused outside of school, Charlotte was paired with school-based therapist, Katy Reynolds, LPC. She struggled to open up during her school therapy sessions. But when Charlotte and Katy started drawing on the whiteboard, things changed. Charlotte first

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Ms. B’s Story

With 45 years of child care experience, Ms. B.* runs a family day home in Petersburg, VA. In addition to watching the granddaughter of a former student, she cares for eight other children Monday through Friday. Ms. B. was first informed of ChildSavers and our trauma-informed Child Development Services eight years ago. She needed guidance

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John’s Story

In January, John’s* sixth-grade teacher called ChildSavers’ Immediate Response team after he expressed thoughts of ending his own life. Within thirty minutes, John was met by a ChildSavers therapist in the principal’s office. They talked about coloring and art as a way to feel better. Then, they tried breathing exercises and reflected on how it

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Jordan's Story - mental health client child therapy at ChildSavers in Richmond, VA.

Jordan’s Story

ChildSavers is at the nexus of two central issues – a dire need for both child therapy amidst a growing mental health crisis and access to quality child care and education so parents and caregivers can return to work. Jordan* is one of twenty-six students in his fourth grade class beginning virtual learning for the

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