Caregiver Services

Why is parent or caregiver therapy important for children in their own healing process?

Caregivers are continually managing multiple life stressors: child care, housing, finances, interpersonal conflict, domestic or community violence, even a family history of abuse or neglect, health, or problems at work. Any or all of these challenges may reduce a parent’s capacity to cope effectively with the typical day-to-day stressors which eventually affect their children.

Children need to be nurtured and supported by caring, healthy adults, and a service for caregiver support has been identified as a need in the community. So, in fall 2021 we expanded our licensure to now offer mental health support to the parents and caregivers of children enrolled in our services. We understand that this wrap-around support is critical to helping disrupt cycles of intergenerational trauma and honing the resiliency of families in our community.

Since offering this service, we not only have the flexibility to offer therapy to caregivers of children participating in clinical services, but also to young adults aging out of our previous licensing restrictions.

Currently, the top reasons caregivers are seeking treatment include:

  • Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Trauma history,
  • Family/home concerns

It takes skilled and thoughtful therapist to walk alongside a caregiver during their treatment journey, and one of our therapists has set the highest standard of care for this impactful program.

Clinicians in our Outpatient Team lead our Caregiver Services.

Earlier this year, a former team member presented to members of our operating board on the progress of the program to date. During the mission moment, she received permission from several of her clients to share the following testimonials:  

“There are many challenges that caregivers face when taking care of children who struggle with mental health and it effects us in ways that may not even be noticeable. These effects can trickle down back to the children we are caring for so it is a cycle of learning and growing together when both caregiver and child receive services. Both of my children and I have grown together, and we are learning to thrive together when facing difficulties, and that for me is a major blessing!”

Other clients expressed:

“Once the program began offering adult services I was introduced to Mrs. Eleane Young and honestly from the first day my life was changed. Not only do I feel heard by her but also understood on so many levels. She takes her time to listen and every time she is spot on with the information I was trying to relay to her. I am very thankful for ChildSavers and Mrs. Eleane for the information, support and other resources that I am provided as a client. I highly recommend ChildSavers program.”

“We thank God for ChildSavers, and for Eleane Young. We are so impressed with the counsel and protocols, sacrifices we have seen and the continued care and caring we have received. Our child continues to grow up with grace and mindfulness of us as his guardians and knows love. We have learned a new language of loving discipline, and loving each other.”

Therapists play a pivotal role in helping families rebuild and define their own path for healing. As we round out our second year of offering Caregiver Services, we hope to continue expanding the program so that more adults have an opportunity to prioritize their own mental well-being in a trusted environment. ChildSavers is privileged to be a trusted partner among our caregivers and within our community.


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