Inclusive ASL Daycare Serving Deaf Children in Richmond, VA

One of the many gifts we receive in life is the opportunity to pave smoother paths for future generations, allowing our community’s children to not only advance, but thrive. This is both our responsibility and honor. 

Andrea Oliver is the owner of ASL Daycare, a family day home in Chesterfield VA.
Andrea Oliver, owner of ASL Daycare in Chesterfield, VA.

Mrs. Andrea W. Oliver, owner of ASL Daycare, is familiar with overcoming adversity. As a former Richmond Public Schools student who was born Deaf, she always dreamed of creating inclusive  learning environments for the youngest members of Richmond’s Deaf community. 

Andrea used her frustrations of feeling misunderstood as fuel to make her aspirations a reality. After earning her Early Childhood Education degree from Reynolds Community College, she connected with ChildSavers to build a business expansion plan for her Family Day Home. As life would have it, Mrs. Andrea and her ChildSavers business coach, Dorothy, grew up together. Dorothy knew how to meet Andrea’s communication needs, as she has close family members and friends who are Deaf.   

Andrea, owner of ASL Daycare, and ChildSavers Program Coordinator, Dorothy Billups, share a smile.
Andrea Oliver, owner of ASL Daycare (left), poses with ChildSavers coach, Dorothy Shears-Billups (right).

The two are working together to help Andrea and her two Deaf assistants serve up to twelve children. She has enrolled in the Voluntary Registration program through ChildSavers, and with Dorothy’s guidance, will be eligible soon to pursue licensure. She understands that when barriers are eliminated, children’s potential for greatness shines the brightest.

Members of the ASL Daycare family day home team pose together in Chesterfield, VA.
The ASL Daycare team and Dorothy Shears-Billups from ChildSavers.

You can count on both hands the number of lives you’re impacting within this story. Your support has tangible, positive effects on multiple generations at this very moment, and it does not end there. With the collective support of our community, Mrs. Andrea is: 

  • Honing her entrepreneurial skills to advance her small business and livelihood 
  • Cultivating equitable advancements for children who are Deaf 
  • Allowing the parents and guardians of children to stay in the workforce 

This upcoming year, members of our giving community – yourself included – will connect more than 3,700 child care providers to training opportunities. The 625 early care programs we will serve have the capacity to reach more than 30,000 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. And your impact doesn’t end there. We anticipate serving more than 650 children with direct, clinical mental health services. Your investment in our communities’ children propels everyone forward, including the people who care for and educate them. 

While we anticipate reaching this monumental achievement, we must continue to expand our capacity to ensure all children can be safe, happy, healthy, and ready to learn. If you’d like to support these services, please visit 

Thank you for continuing to invest in safeguarding the emotional health of our community’s children.


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