ChildSavers100: Doubling Our Services by 2024

ChildSavers100 is our strategic vision to double our children’s mental health and development services by our 100th anniversary. You can help make this possible!



When we were founded in 1924, serving 20,000 children per year was unthinkable – perhaps impossible. With your help, we will do just that.

ChildSavers100 is our plan to double the number of children we serve by the time we turn 100 in 2024. ChildSavers100 – or CS100 – is our “moon shot.”

To provide the resources necessary to realize this vision, we launched a $15 million comprehensive fundraising campaign that will allow us to accomplish the following: 


Children receiving
mental health services


Children enrolled in quality
early child care 

The CS100 campaign includes funds for necessary capital and facility improvements to accommodate our growth

Necessary Capital improvements
and endowment growth

Why We Need Your Help

ChildSavers is at the nexus of two critical issues our communities are facing: a need for quality early child care and children’s mental health services.

Bridging the access gap to children’s mental health and early childhood care can precede lower incarceration rates, school dropout rates, lower achievement gaps, instances of homelessness, and development of chronic health issues. When we double our impact, we propel everyone’s trajectory forward.

Bridging The Gaps To Trauma-Informed Child Therapy

The CDC reports that 1 in 5 children may experience a mental health crisis each year, yet only 20% of these children will have access to care.

The CDC reports that 1 in 5 children may experience a mental health crisis each year, yet only 20% of these children will have access to care. In Richmond, that number may be even lower. To bridge this gap, ChildSavers provides trauma-informed mental health care to children and their families, regardless of their ability to pay.

We know that trauma changes children. Toxic stress occurs when a child experiences four or more traumatic instance such as parental substance abuse, divorce, neglect, and abuse. This can have serious, lifelong impacts on a child’s mental and physical health. On average, our clients start experiencing toxic stress by age ten.

Expanding Access To Quality Early Education In Virginia

Because of the quality of Virginia’s public child care and Pre-K programs is neither monitored nor measured consistently, 40% of our children do not enter K – 12 with the literacy, math, self-regulation and social skills needed to thrive. This is an even bigger challenge in communities of Color and low-resource areas.

ChildSavers provides training to hundreds of early educators – from small, in-home, family providers to large on-site facilities – across Virginia, equipping them with the skills needed to prepare all children for lifelong learning and development. 


Our goal is to raise $15 million dollars for children’s mental health and development over the next three years. With $14 million already raised, this goal is within reach. We need your support to complete this work.

ChildSavers has raised $14 million of our $15 million ChildSavers100 Campaign goal as of 1/18/22.



We need your support to double our service capacity and provide more than 20,000 children with equitable access to mental health and child development services.
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