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Child Development Services, CDS, focuses on the needs of parents, teachers, professional child care providers, and others who care for and educate young children. We offer a broad range of services aimed at helping families and caregivers provide the best possible care to their children.

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Child Care Aware of Central Virginia
ChildSavers serves as the Central Virginia Resource Center for Child Care Aware, a community-based network that provides services to 27 localities. Our purpose is to deliver services that increase the accessibility, availability, and quality of care in Central Virginia through:
• Free Technical Assistance for early care and education professionals
• Assisting unregulated providers in meeting and maintaining state qualifications
• Increasing early care and education professionals access to professional development opportunities

For more information contact Leslie Moore at (804) 591-3963 or


ChildSavers Child Development Workshops
ChildSavers’ Child Development Workshops provides high-quality early child development education to hundreds of child care professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills in working with children to provide them with the best possible outcomes. ChildSavers workshops are offered throughout the year, on or off-site, and are conducted by experienced and knowledgeable trainers that cover a wide variety of topics. Workshops meet the needs of the adult learner by providing them with hands-on learning opportunities that are accessible and affordable. 

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For more information contact Janet Burke at (804) 591-3917 or

Child Development Associate Certificate Program (CDA)
The Child Development Associate Certificate is a credential that can be earned by early care professionals through performance based training and assessment.  ChildSavers’ CDA program has assisted many early care professionals in obtaining their CDA through the Council for Professional Recognition. The program enhances the quality of early care by defining, evaluating and recognizing the competencies of early care professionals across Central Virginia through individualized training and advising.

For more information contact Cindy Kern at (804) 591-3915 or


Voluntary Registration
ChildSavers’ Voluntary Registration program provides family child care providers that care for five or fewer children in their home with a basic framework for providing a healthy and safe early care environment, along with assisting them in receiving their certificate of Voluntary Registration from the Virginia Department of Social Services. This is conveyed through the education of providers, technical assistance, and opportunities for continued growth in professional development.

Visit our voluntary registration page by clicking here.

For more information contact LaTasha Smith at (804) 591-3923 or

Virginia Star Quality Initiative (VSQI)
The Virginia Star Quality Initiative plays a vital role in assisting child care providers in building a strong early care environment within 34 localities in Central Virginia through:

  • A rating system that evaluates the environment and teacher/child interactions
  • On-site mentoring and coaching on the key components of quality care
  • Providing on-site training and professional development
  • Incentives to enhance materials and equipment in the early care environment

For a map of Central Region VSQI servioce areas as well more detailed information about the Star Quality Initiative, please click here.


USDA Child Care Food Program
ChildSavers is a sponsor for the USDA Child and Adult Food Program which aids regulated home providers and centers with providing nutritious meals served to children under 12 years of age by providing nutrition training, early care resources, and reimbursement for nutritious meals.

Click here to read more aboutthe USDA Child Care Food Program.

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